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Ecowaterlab – Manufacturing

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Ecowaterlab – Manufacturing

Ecowaterlab - Manufacturing

Specialized pumps

We supply all types of pumps for all types of industrial equipment.

Chemical dosing PUMPS

Discover our selection of specialized chemical pumps for water towers and industrial boilers.
We are working with various suppliers, we can customize each solution to meet your specific chemical pumping needs.

Condensate tank

réservoir de condensat
Custom-built condensate tanks for all power ratings and capacities, with the control panel, optional control box and supply valves.
Contact our team to discuss the options available. 


We work with several suppliers to select the most suitable controller for your installation whether for your water tower or steam/hot water boiler.

heat Exchanger

Échangeur Ecowaterlab
  • Plug and Play exchanger kit
  • Made to your specifications by our team 
  • Modulating or On/Off valve
  • All types of exchanger
  • Steam, Hot Water or cooling
  • Fast delivery


We deal with several softener distributors. Our team can help you select the best one for your needs. We take care of everything from sales to installation by our technicians.